HBM13B160B – A Review Of The Stunning Bosch HBM13B160B

Bosch-HBM13B160B.jpg NOTE: Right now you can get a great price and Boots Advantage Points on this stunning Bosch HBM13B160B Electric Double Oven from Boots Kitchen Appliances, a British kitchen appliance retailer with many years of experience. Click here for more information

Everyone knows that Bosch has a reputation for great build quality and stylish design. The brand name is one of the most respected and desired across their entire range of products. In fact, Which? (the consumer organisation) awarded Bosch the prestigious ‘Best Domestic Appliance Brand 2009’. Which? experts analysed test and survey results across the year and paid particular attention to those companies who have provided best value to their customers. Bosch have been awarded 33 Which? Best Buys so far across multiple categories including ovens. With praise like that it’s no surprise that Bosch back all their appliances with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

The HBM13B160B from their Classixx range is one of Bosch’s best electric double ovens finished in a wonderful black to give an up-to-the-minute contemporary look to your kitchen.

Even more impressive than the looks are the easy-to-use controls… with some settings being activated with sleek touch controls for that ultimate space-age appeal!

The two ovens are large, measuring 58 litres and 30 litres for bottom and top, respectively. The bottom oven has 5 shelf settings and the top oven has two, which lets you easily cook many different items at the same time.

The HBM13B160B is extremely safe with glazed doors and a safety lock that disables all functions. There’s also an automatic switch off in case the oven is left on accidentally… it will switch itself off!

Please note that this built-in electric double oven needs to be fitted into a high kitchen unit (the oven dimensions are 594w x 888h x 550d). Although, as it’s likely to be the focal point of your kitchen, who wouldn’t want it up off the floor to display to everyone?

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